We're On A Mission to End Teen Suicide

At Robbie’s Hope, we are committed to supporting teens around the country as we work tirelessly to remove the stigma around anxiety and depression and ultimately cut the rate of teen suicide in half by 2028.

It’s a lofty goal, but the more people who know about Robbie’s Hope, the better. That’s why your symbolic purchase makes such a huge difference to our cause. Not only will the proceeds support the development of our teen-led HOPEgroups, but by physically showing your support for our cause, you help us get our message out there—so we can reach, and ultimately help, even more teens in need.  

Looking to get involved? Learn about teen-led HOPEgroups or find a group in your area.

If you have any issues selecting an item or during check out please send us an email at shop@robbies-hope.com