Robbie’s Hope Foundation was established to remove the stigma surrounding teen depression and teen suicide.  The Foundation is focused on providing the tools and resources to enable Student Lead Activism through small group meetings, targeted financial support to highly efficient and effective organizations that specialize in providing therapy to teens, and by integrating mental health into a mandated Health Education curriculum in K-12 schools.  

Robbie was 15 years old and a Sophomore at Lakewood High School. He was a great student excelling in all his classes, especially Math. Robbie was at home in the pool or on the courts playing the two sports he loved deeply, Swimming and Tennis. Surrounded by his friends at meets and at matches he was full of joy. Robbie brought so much joy and happiness to those around him. The past two summers he taught young golfers through First Tee of Denver and young swimmers at Rolling Hills Country Club. Seeing his students success always brought a smile to his face and when they failed his compassion shown through and gave them hope. The week before his death he was talking about what he wanted to study in college and researching cars for when he got his driver’s license on his 16th birthday. Robbie will always be remembered for his grace, kindness to others, wit and joyful presence. He was always looking out for others and putting them before himself.

Despite his gift of bringing love and joy to others Robbie was suffering in the darkness, battling privately with incredible pain. He succumbed to the silent illness of depression and took his own life on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

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